Secret Supper | Ebb + Flow

My wonderfully beautiful Secret Supper partners and I dreamed big for our September Secret Supper. We had a specific vision: one that we veered from many times during our planning process for this supper. But we came back it time and time again. We knew what we wanted, we were just a little scared to take it there. By there, I mean the Oregon coast. The fickle, tumultuous and famously fully open to the public Oregon coast. But the beauty of the beach made up for the unknowns - and we took the risk.  I am so unbelievably happy we took that risk, because it turned out to be so much more than I expected!

Secret Supper | Thicket

A couple weeks ago I hosted my second Secret Supper of 2016! This year all of our suppers have a distinct theme, and this one was Thicket. For us, Thicket represented a celebration of spring. The food was vibrant and colorful, the backdrop was fresh and green and yes, even the weather was temperamental and a little wet: a true testament of Spring in the Pacific Northwest!

Winter Workshop + Long Table Dinner

Recently, I had the pleasure of designing a winter photography/food styling workshop and long table dinner alongside my friends Eva Kosmas FloresChristiann Koepke and Stacey Clark. You can’t get more Christmas-like than our location, inside a beautiful restored barn at a former Christmas tree farm near Washougal, WA. Since it was just before the holidays we made sure to include lots of festive and warm touches - perfect for a rainy winters day. 

A Northwest Thanksgiving

Isn't it funny that we spend forever planning and prepping for the big Thanksgiving dinner, just to devour it in a few food frenzied minutes? If you are like me, its still somehow totally worth it and the highlight of the day. It was a gorgeous Thanksgiving day here in Seattle, almost too nice to cook (we have been known to drop everything to go soak up the sunshine) but we kept focused and the end result was fantastic!

Fall Picnic Bachelorette Party

It was a girls weekend a few weeks ago at the beautiful Grandview Lodge in northern Minnesota. We came together to celebrate my sister Courtney's upcoming wedding and as maid of honor, I had the pleasure of throwing the bachelorette party! The fantastic fall weather and beautiful Roy Lake provided the perfect backdrop to enjoy a good old fashion picnic, sip some fall inspired cocktails and play a few party games. Mixed with a lakeside sunset walk, some nighttime dancing and many laughs, it was the relaxing weekend we all needed before the busy wedding week ahead.

Thanksgiving Cocktail Hour

What is your favorite part about Thanksgiving? And lets not say being with family/friends or being thankful and make everyone else feel bad. I'm talking like do you crave pumpkin pie or look forward all year to stuffing? Or is it the post meal ritual falling asleep on the couch while watching football? For me, my favorite part of thanksgiving is the cocktail hour. There is nothing better - wine and cheese, small bites and the start of an amazing meal.